A nine year old child has been awarded €14,000 in compensation as a result of a personal injury* claim against Burger King.
Homeowners who want to move house but are afraid to as they will lose their tracker mortgage might be offered a lifeline by two major banks.
The next Allsop Space auction is scheduled for the 15th May 2013 at the Shelbourne Hotel. To date, the Allsop Space auctions have sold 773 properties across Ireland and raised…
A campaign has been launched for women who underwent a discredited childbirth procedure calling on the Government to establish a scheme to enable survivors to seek apply for compensation*.
Cycling has become a very common mode of transport as a result of the Bike to work scheme set up by the government. Under the bike to work scheme, your…
Following the governments decision to look at the possibly of offering compensation* to survivors of the Magdalene laundries, the Bethany Survivors' Group has said it hopes that the Magdalene redress…
A man has been awarded €8,000.00 in damages by the High Court as a result of an injury claim. The man suffered personal injuries* after a car he was a…
A young girl who suffered severe brain damage and injuries from alleged negligence at her birth at Tralee General Hospital has been awarded a total of €11 million in respect…
A girl who suffered severe personal injuries* in a car accident, is to €5 million in settlement of her High Court injury claim action.
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